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The human body reacts very well to PEMF therapy, by increasing our bodies natural magnetic field, PEMF sets up the body to function in the best possible way.

We travel to you and can offer these sessions in the comfort of your own home.


Clumped Red Blood Cells

  • Decreases Oxygen Delivery

  • Decreases Nutrient Delivery

  • Increases plaque build-up

  • Heart has to work harder


Separated Red Blood Cells

  • Increases Oxygen Delivery

  • Increases Nutrient Delivery

  • Decreases plaque build-up

  • Increases Blood Circulation

  • Heart has to work less

Almost everyone can get benefit from PEMF sessions, take a look at the list below and see where it might benefit you.

ENERGY & PRODUCTIVITY : By re-energizing cell membranes, PEMF improves level of oxygen and the cellular energy molecule, ATP. The result is more energy, drive and stamina, less brain fog, and simply getting more done throughout the day.

STRESS, ANXIETY & DEPRESSION : PEMF helps to dampen the stress and anxiety cycle in which the nervous system is very agitated and stress hormones creates havoc in the body. There is also a feel-good effect and it has been approved by the FDA for treatment of severe depression.

SLEEP : Almost everyone reports better sleep after PEMF sessions. Consistent sleep loss has been linked to heart damage, mental instability and weight gain.

WELLNESS : Using PEMF boosts development of immune system cells and limits factors involved in inflammation and pain. Blood circulation, metabolism and nutrient absorption are all improved, and the body is better equipped to deal with wear and tear.

AGEING : PEMF boosts levels of chondrocytes (cartilage flexibility), collagen (skin flexibility), osteoblasts (bone strength) and human growth hormone, effecting skin tone, muscle growth and joint flexibility.

PERFORMANCE : Pre-exercise PEMF increases levels of intramuscular oxygen and the energy molecule ATP, reducing lactic acid build-up and increasing performance intensity and endurance.

INFLAMATION & PAIN : PEMF promotes the positive cells and increases blood circulation, this reduces swelling and sets the body up to fight and relieve pain naturally.

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