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See below for our core services and prices.

Please be aware that we can offer customizable packages or session plans at discounted rates.

Especially with our equine clients; if you have a specific goal, please give us a call first discuss your objectives so that we can best advise you on the suitable services

Please be aware that we are in the Spokane area, we do travel to Coeur D'Alene on certain days, outside of this, there may be a $10 travel fee if travel exceeds 45 minuets. Please call to discuss, if you are 'very out-of-area'.


Full Body Refresh

Good for all needs, and recommended as your first session

PRICE: $50      TIME: 30 - 40 Minutes 

Targeted Area

Great for those recovering from an injury or to target inflammation

PRICE: $30      TIME: 20 Minutes 

Full Body Refresh & Targeted Area

Maximize results and give your body a boost too

PRICE: $70      TIME: 40 - 50 Minutes

Package Deal

Call for Quote

We can do custom treatment plans that will provide you with a discount



Full Body Refresh

Recommended for first sessions. Great for horses in full work or performance of any kind

PRICE: $80      TIME: 45 Minutes ~

Targeted Area

Lameness, Swelling, Arthritis, Abbesses, recovering injuries or post operation

PRICE: $40      TIME: 20 Minutes 

Full Body Refresh & Targeted Area

Maximize results. Choose this option for extra time spent on legs

PRICE: $100      TIME: Up to 1 Hour 

Human & Horse Combo

If they need it... you probably need it too. Includes full body refresh for human and horse

PRICE: $100      TIME: 1 Hour 20 Minutes ~



Other Critters

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