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Human PEMF Therapy Session Release Form
MagnaWave creates more cell permeability, thus medications and liniments may be absorbed more than intended.
I hereby state that I am at least 18 years of age and have read, understand and agree to this Release Statement, that it is an informed release and that I intend to be legally bound by it.
» I am not pregnant
» I have no pacemaker or other battery operated implanted stimulator
» I have not had an organ transplant
» I do not have any chains on me (jewelry is OK)
» I do not have any car key, credit card, cell phone or watch on me
» I agree to be fully responsible for any damages if I forget this
» I know that I am using a magnetic pulse generator that is not approved by the FDA to treat or cure any disease or condition
» I understand that this is an experimental device

No one has made any representations or claims to me of any treatment or cure of any disease or condition; or any promise of any specific or general results of any kind.

Thanks, you are good to go!

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